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Radiate Love

Vibrant, yet soft. The warm coral hues have a deep grounding power. A colour palette of soft pink, coral red and orange tones.

Heart-shaped pendants radiate love. Little reminders to let the love in. Combine and play around with their colours, create your very own collection of keepsakes.

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Be Grateful

Be grateful. For the sunny days and the rainy ones, for the small things that are actually the big things. Smile, spread your contagious sunlight.

Jewels and keepsakes are here to remind you that sunshine comes from within. Let gratitude be always by your side.

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Soak up the Sunshine

Patchwork pendants inspired by the rays of sun. A collection of tokens designed to take you travelling through the freshness of summer with turquoise, lapis blue and malachite green stones.

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